Delayed Mouse Clicks

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Fri Sep 29 07:48:02 EDT 2006

Hi Sarah, Trevor and Klaus,

You might also clear pending events at the mouseUp handler's end:

put flushEvents("mouseUp") into tHell ;-)

Le 29 sept. 06 à 13:42, Klaus Major a écrit :

> Hi Sarah and Trevor,
>> On 9/29/06, Trevor Hopkins <tjhopkins224 at> wrote:
>>> I have a button that, when clicked, runs a process that takes a  
>>> few seconds.
>>> I'd like to do a little error prevention and prevent the user from
>>> accidentally clicking on it multiple times while it is already  
>>> processing.
>>> Currently, if the button is clicked and then clicked multiple  
>>> times before
>>> the first process is done, the mouseUp script will run over and  
>>> over again
>>> after each script is completed.
>>> Any ideas?
>> My preference is to disable the button at the start of the mouseUp
>> handler and enable it again at the end.
> Simple and beautiful solution :-)
>>> Secondly, does anyone know of a way to change the dock's icon (OS  
>>> X) of your
>>> application while it is running?
>> Yes, this is now possible although unsupported. If you set "the icon"
>> to the ID of a suitable image i.e. 128 x 128 pixels or less, then the
>> dock icon changes to match. Check the "What's New.txt" file in your
>> Rev folder for more details.
> Although officially unsupported, this feature seems to be that  
> mature that
> even RunRev relies on it!
> The dock icon showing the actual version number is generated "on  
> the fly"
> at the startup of Rev and it works just fine, so i think this is a  
> usable feature
> right now.

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
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