[OT] Re: Filthy Apples

HyperChris at aol.com HyperChris at aol.com
Thu Sep 28 15:05:02 EDT 2006

Granted ewaste is a monster problem and apple can do more to help. Here is 
the link to apple's official word on the topic ...


It includes these points...

Apple maintains a variety of recycling programs which add to recycling totals 
every day:
-     For customers in the United States, Apple offers a free recycling 
program of old computers and monitors with the purchase of a new Mac.
-     A free iPod recycling program, conducted through Apple’s retail stores, 
offers environmentally friendly disposal and a 10% discount on the purchase 
of a new iPod.
-      A trade-in program for educational and business customers in the 
United States has already diverted more than 60 tons of electronic waste from 
landfills since August 2005.
-      Apple’s recycling partnership with the city of Cupertino, California 
has recycled more than 155 tons of electronics. All electronics products are 
accepted free of charge, regardless of manufacturer.
-      We also participate in recycling programs in Asia, including national 
programs in Japan and Taiwan.

Certainly apple should take the lead and do as much as possible in this arena 
but they don't appear to be as derelict as the greenpeace ad campaign would 
imply. I can't help but think the ipod (which has a decent recycle program) 
makes them too easy a target and that other products and companies are far more 

(feel free to respond to me directly as this is getting off topic for the 

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