Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Sep 28 11:58:15 EDT 2006

Luis wrote:

>> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:
>>> But SQLLite external for Revolution is sold it seems for $150
>> How much is the Valentina external for Revolution?
> I didn't think it needed an External. Looking at revOpenDatabase it
> looks like the support is 'native' (I think that's what I also saw in
> the features of Rev Studio on the RunRev site).

The Rev engine has no direct built-in support for database connectivity. 
  That functionality is provided through libraries/externals.

Regardless of the extensibility mechanism at play, Valentina itself is a 
commercial product and requires a licensing fee.  As long as Ruslan 
cited SQLite's cost it would be helpful to know Valentina's as well.

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