Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Josh Mellicker josh at
Thu Sep 28 00:06:17 EDT 2006

I am writing a fairly heavy-duty application in Rev that interfaces  
with a MySQL database on our server in Texas. Five people have been  
using this app (Rev standalones) heavily day and night for 6 weeks,  
our company has been running on it, and despite the stream of  
expected (and some unexpected) hiccups and bumps (project is still  
alpha stage) I am convinced of Rev's superiority for this application  
over FileMaker.

Until I got my custom MySQL library written and decided on a simple  
way to map Rev controls with database elements it was very time- 
consuming, now I can whip up a new window into the data not too much  
slower than FileMaker, with way more flexibility and power than  

With my library, each field and popup menu has a script like:

ON mouseUp
END mouseUp

That's it!

the "updateMe" handler gets information about what to update, and  
what format, from custom properties attached to the object.

Being able to tap things like FTP, control of Quicktime and graphics,  
dragging and dropping controls, none of these things could be done  
with FileMaker (at least the version I last worked with). Plus the  
Galaxy scripting environment is far superior to FileMaker scripting  
that I know of.

I was originally working with PHP middleware but this was way more  
time-consuming than just working all in Rev.

And the cost, after buying a Revolution license, is $0 for  
potentially up to millions of simultaneous users (our hosting service  
handles the MySQL licensing issues).

On Sep 26, 2006, at 12:16 PM, Javier Miranda V. wrote:

> While not trying to initiate a "war" , I would like to know if the  
> process of migrating from FileMaker to a Revolution/MySQL will  
> compensate the effort. Here is situation:
> I'm in the final stages of building an Application for Document  
> Management using FileMaker, it works fine, presenting a very  
> polished interface and variety of options but ....
> The cost for the client would be to high considering the price of  
> the solution itself plus a copy of Filemaker Server (7, 8 or 8.5)  
> and a copy of FileMaker for every user in the LAN!
> I understand that the functionality of a server/client can be  
> accomplished using the Revolution/MySQL pair Installing MySQL in  
> the Server along with the Revolution Stack, then installing client  
> Stack in the users machines. Is this true? Is this the real  
> configuration of the a server/client solution? Are there any other  
> considerations/software needed? I'm missing something? Or I'm  
> totally wrong?
> Sorry for my ignorance, I'm sure you RevPeople will help.
> Saludos,
> Javier Miranda V.
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