Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Luis luis at
Wed Sep 27 08:37:41 EDT 2006

Aside from the usual suspects there are two others that I know of:



Decisions, decisions... Insofar as I can tell both of these are free to 
use for whatever.



Stephen Barncard wrote:
> Dan said:
>> Javier,
>> Keep in mind that MySQL is not free for commercial applications and 
>> that the
>> licensing involved is at least confusing (at least it was to me and I 
>> have a
>> law degree!).
> I should follow up to say that, yes if you want to host your own MYSQL 
> server there are fees involved, but on the other hand, you could get a 
> hosting account for less than $10/month that will allow unlimited MySQL 
> databases. Plus no hosting, backup and bandwidth hassles that you get 
> with hosting your own. The ISP handles the licensing.
>  Dreamhost's MySQL servers are tied to client IPs, so you can fine tune 
> the security. You also have the advantage of putting part or all of the 
> database on a web browser. Many competitive ISPs can do this now.
> sqb

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