externals and Rev 2.7.x -- Whoops!

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Tue Sep 26 19:22:40 EDT 2006

On Sep 26, 2006, at 4:33 PM, Dar Scott wrote:

> However, with recent change in the IDE, this is not too bad:
> *************
> put false into bad
> try
>    put the defaultFolder into savedDefaultFolder
>    set the defaultfolder to defaultFolderForThisTask
>    ... blah blah blah ...
> catch e
>    put true into bad  -- throw is broken here
> finally
>    set the defaultFolder to savedDefaultFolder
> end try
> if bad then throw "Error when loading external."
> *************
> It would be simpler if an error could reliably be thrown in the  
> catch section.

I goofed.  I was trying to give an example of what to do to keep from  
changing defaultFolder so it would be OK when an external is loaded.   
I worded the 'throw' above as if the external was loaded in the "...  
blah blah blah ...".

The last line is better like this:

if bad then throw "Error while defaultFolder was changed."

Or whatever is appropriate for the particular situation.

All the more why 'catch' should be optional.


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