Progresss while executing AppleScript

Ian Wood revlist at
Tue Sep 26 09:51:51 EDT 2006

Not that I've been able to find. Even the syntax:

send "theHandlerName" to this stack in 1 millisecond

doesn't stop the AppleScript blocking the whole app.

The only workaround I can think of is to have a second "helper app"  
with no GUI which you use to handle all the AS functions in the  
background, but this gets a bit over-complex.


On 26 Sep 2006, at 14:31, Jesse Sng wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm experimenting using Sean Shao's NSProgress widget and I'm using  
> it to trigger the progress "flower" just before I execute an  
> Applescript.
> The thing that I've discovered is that the Applescript execution  
> seems to block everything else and that means that even though  
> NSProgress widget attempts to send messages to itself regularly, as  
> long as the AS is not completed, the progress flower stops spinning.
> I'm wondering if anyone knows of a workaround for this - whether it  
> would be possible to use a send command to trigger the execution of  
> the AS instead so that we are able to have the main user interface  
> continue to operate while the AS operates in the background.
> Right now, the Applescript runs from within a handler. I know that  
> one possibility would be to launch a precompiled Applescript from  
> the app itself so that both can continue running, but I do forsee  
> that this may not be possible in some cases as I would like to have  
> a result returned via AS to my app.
> I know we don't have threaded execution right now, but is there a  
> way to "simulate" that when executing an Applescript from within Rev?
> Jesse Sng
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