Saving App-Specific Docs

Mark Smith mark at
Tue Sep 26 08:41:09 EDT 2006

You might consider using a stack file. By the inherent nature of a  
stack, you can save your data in a structured way that is very easy  
for your app to read back in. To make it secure, you can encrypt,  
compress or even password protect depending on how far you want to go.

An empty, newly created stack is about 4Kb, so there isn't a massive  
overhead, either.



On 26 Sep 2006, at 13:26, Trevor Hopkins wrote:

>> From a Rev application, how does one go about creating and writing
> to/reading from a document that is only openable by the Rev app  
> itself (i.e., not a text document that anyone can open). I can see  
> how to write data to a text document but what about to another type  
> of doc that not anyone can get into so easily?
> Thanks in advance,
> Trevor Hopkins
> Exeter, UK
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