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Shari shari at
Mon Sep 25 22:44:17 EDT 2006

>Some apps do ship with their own uninstallers (but then why not use an
>installer in the first place). However, Windows itself will still not know
>how to uninstall your app, and many users rely on the Add/Remove Programs
>control panel to uninstall applications.
>Scott Rossi

 From fuzzy memory, I've tried using installer creators before, and 
did not care for whichever ones I had tried.  I do have a new one to 
try, but haven't had a chance to look at it.

One thing that bothered me had to do with sensitive registration 
information.  I really did not want to share that info with an 
installer.  All I wanted was the installer to place the program in 
the Programs folder and maybe create a desktop shortcut, and let the 
program itself do the rest.  In other words, I wanted the installer 
to install my software, but I want my software to install any 
pertinent other pieces it may need.  Especially where they may relate 
to registration.

And if I did not share all that info with the installer, then it's 
uninstaller would not properly uninstall.

So it's a Catch-22.

I ended up just putting an Uninstall option in the menus of the 
software.  If someone wants to get rid of the software, they can run 
the Uninstaller, it will remove everything that is outside the 
program's folder, then when they delete the folder all traces are 

I'd like to get away from this.  But with both Mac and Windows 
creating things outside the folder whether I want it or not, even if 
I move to everything being in one place, they'd still need a way to 

Windows needs registry things.  Mac has the whole plist thing.  And 
as far as I know, both are unavoidable.

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