Keyboard Simulator ('Key Caps')

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Mon Sep 25 18:41:41 EDT 2006

Thanks Ian, I certainly missed that (I wonder what question in MacOS  
Help would have led to that answer?!). I have no idea whether I could  
somehow include this utility within my Rev app (using Applescript?),  
but even if I could, I would then have to solve the problem for  
Windows. OTOH, the general design of the thing is a good starting  

Thanks again


On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 17:13:45 +0100, Ian Wood  
<revlist at> wrote:

>> No idea about Windows, but Key Caps is still around in 10.4, it's
>> just that it's renamed and you have to turn it on - and the switch is
>> a bit... 'buried'.
>> Open System Prefs.
>> International pane.
>> Input Menu tab.
>> Check "Keyboard Viewer" in the list.
>> Keyboard Viewer (pretty much identical to the old Key Caps) will now
>> be an option in the input menu on the menu bar.
>> Ian
>> On 25 Sep 2006, at 16:57, Graham Samuel wrote:
>>> I am starting work on an app (cross-platform Mac & PC) where the
>>> user will be allowed to select certain characters from the
>>> repertoire of a chosen font: the easiest way to do this visually -
>>> at least for the Roman alphabet, which is what I need - is by
>>> showing a graphic representation of a keyboard with the appropriate
>>> layout (varies by country) and allowing the user to click on a
>>> character, with the modifier keys (shift etc) working as they do on
>>> the real keyboard. Apple used to have a Desk Accessory called Key
>>> Caps which did just that - perhaps this has now been replaced by
>>> the Font Panel or the Character Palette, neither of which seem to
>>> do what I want. I'm not sure if Windows XP has/had such a utility.
>>> Has any lister had to offer this feature, and if so, how did they
>>> do it? Any pointers gratefully received.
>>> Graham

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