Daily Podcast App

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Mon Sep 25 17:08:12 EDT 2006

I uploaded a small app that downloads a daily podcast to RevOnline

Category: General
User: Sivakatirswami
Stack: Daily Podcast

I rarely share things because most of my apps are in house production tools
with a UI that only I could possibly follow....

but this is a simple thing that's going public.
We share it for two reasons:

1) might be interesting example for others
2) it is uploaded with a "license to critique" for anyone who cares to:
"Open season" to tell me what you think is wrong or could be done better.

Secondary ?: did the option for players to default to WMP with dontUseQT on
Windows get back into 2.7.4? or is that still broken?

As always, if we can avoid forced Quicktime install for Windows users,
so much the better.


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