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Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com
Sun Sep 24 21:17:07 EDT 2006

On Sep 24, 2006, at 7:37 PM, Chip Walters wrote:
> Perhaps it's time for Galaxy to consider becoming like MetaCard, a
> complete seperate IDE for the Rev engine. Then Jerry and Trevor
> wouldn't have to worry about coding 'around' Rev's own IDE. They
> certainly would have more control over the interface-- and Galaxy's
> interface is a most beautiful thing, not to mention well-thought out
> and functional.
> -Chipp

If Galaxy produced a commercial IDE replacement, wouldn't that be in 
violation of the prime directive? I mean, I remember way back, reading in 
the license agreement that you can create anything you wish with 
Revolution EXCEPT software that directly competes with RunTime and its 
IDE. I've felt like even the current incarnation of Galaxy is bordering on 
this thin line. Maybe the rules are different now. It seems that RunTime 
itself isn't concerned, but rather welcomes the 3rd party stuff. Would the 
same be true if it became a competitive product? Isn't the production of 
the MetaCard IDE a little different by being an opensource project?

Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at sealedair.com>

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