Revolution 2.7.4 Released

Luis luis at
Sat Sep 23 19:16:03 EDT 2006

I agree.

If you buy a car, you'd expect to have the indicators built-in, not  
something that you'd have to buy from somewhere else afterwards.
Would you expect to have a safety belt built-in when you buy a car?  
Well, originally the manufacturers said we should drive more  
carefully, so there wasn't a need for them to do so.

If I then want to 'mod' my car, sure, that's an option: Funky paint  
job, (cough...) aerodynamic fairings, blah blah blah. For that I'd  
expect to pay extra.

 From what I've read on Galaxy, yeah, I'd buy it if I see the need  
for it in the future (still on the learning curve): It goes above  
what is currently available in the built-in IDE, and you get to keep  
the Lite version. I see no problem with that.

When it comes to the Animation plug-in, again, yes: Basic 2D control  
is already in there, but I would have expected 3D to be in the dev  
environment too. I mean, it's like getting a dev tool that you have  
to buy the plug-in in order to control cursor position. I'd see basic  
2D and 3D functionality as a built-in requirement (I shan't go into  
audio.... :) I see these, maybe incorrectly, as additions because of  
the additional functionality they provide.

But basic dev tool controls? Yes. Especially so in this day and age.  
It's like the printers you buy nowadays: They don't include the  
cable!!! Now, is that stupid? Maybe not for the manufacturer.

I can return the printer, can I return the dev tool?

You've invested time and money on something that you hope will bring  
you returns (monetary or productivity or whatever).
I understand where some of you are coming from (it may not apply to  
all!): It's the money. You want to do something and then you're told  
that's gonna cost extra. With the basic tool availability you can  
take steps towards that, and maybe then be able to invest in the  
plugins, but without them it's like a strange limbo. I don't want to  
sound as though I'm looking down, I'm one of the guys at the bottom.  
And I got a hangnail on audio... (did I say that again? Dear me...).

There are different needs that a dev tool needs to cater for, and  
following research, you go for the one that best fits your needs  
(cough.. audio...) and then you strap yourself in to take the rough  
with the smooth. It will never be a smooth ride whatever tool you  
choose, but it can at least be less bumpy (Sorry, couldn't come up  
with a crappier description...). But, and it's a big BUT, you'd  
expect a certain level of facilities. What those are depends on many  
things: Previous tool experience, personal proclivities (visual,  
textual, etc) and tons of others.

So maybe we should gather up our thoughts and state what we'd expect  
from a tool such as Revolution (I wonder how they're getting on at  
the improve Revolution mailing list...).

Apologies if my thought seem a little disjointed, been up all night  
messing about with audio (ouch!).



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