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It would be more convenient to the end-users if all these products would be
integrated "by default". This would ensure that user gets 100% functionality
of the product with a single purchase eliminating efforts and time waste
related with what-else-I-have-to-buy. On another hand this would ensure that
third-party tools are sold with every Studio purchase. Maybe there would be
an increase in the price of a bundle, but this might reduce prices for the
third party tools because these would be sold with 100% efficiency (with
each Studio purchase). So the final price of the bundle should be lower than
buying each of those tools separately. 
Best wishes 
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From: Lynn Fredricks 
Date: 09/23/06 09:30:33 
To: 'How to use Revolution' 
Subject: RE: about Galaxy 
> Even if Galaxy was perfect, Swami's main point would still be 
> valid. Galaxy presents many features/improvements which 
> really belong Revolution itself. 
An important key to success in the third party market space is 
differentiation and continuous innovation. Galaxy provides a drop in 
replacement for scripting and it does it in a unique way. Just because 
Galaxy exists, it doesn't mean that Runtime will not improve the script 
editor. At the same time, Runtime isnt going to go hog wild on the script 
editor because Runtime has to look after the whole product. Jerry and Trevor

have done some wonderful things with Galaxy and they continue to improve it 
every day. 
Best regards, 
Lynn Fredricks 
Worldwide Business Operations 
Runtime Revolution, Ltd 
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