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Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Sat Sep 23 03:19:14 EDT 2006



But don't you think that on an dual core AMDX2 4400+ machine I shouldn't see 
any delay merely inserting a line with the built-in script editor?

I mean -- even on 2.7.4, new stack, new button, new script -- I press return 
and I literally can watch as discreet events

-  the "end mouseup" text shift down,
-  the cursor go to the beginning of the current line...
-  and then mosey on down to the new blank line.

It's so slow I can even see the insertion point indicator blink once or 
twice before the new line is ready! It's been this way since version 2.7 and 
it's one of the reasons I continue to stick with 2.6.1.

I hope expecting Rev's edit window to keep up with my typing isn't going 
"hog wild" on feature requests.

Lynn Fredricks wrote:

> An important key to success in the third party market space is
> differentiation and continuous innovation. Galaxy provides a drop in
> replacement for scripting and it does it in a unique way. Just because
> Galaxy exists, it doesn't mean that Runtime will not improve the script
> editor. At the same time, Runtime isnt going to go hog wild on the script
> editor because Runtime has to look after the whole product. Jerry and 
> Trevor
> have done some wonderful things with Galaxy and they continue to improve 
> it
> every day. 

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