Revolution 2.7.4 Released

Sivakatirswami katir at
Fri Sep 22 21:58:39 EDT 2006


I really appreciate your continuing aggressive approach to improvement.

It bodes well for Revolution's future.

Off the record, between you and me... I was not super happy that the
"plug ins" model that has been evolving these past two years which has
put what should be core IDE improvements into the hands of 3rd party
developers. I'm probably not the only one.

Quark Express followed this model for many years and
it cost their customers dearly. And it cost them dearly when so many
are now leaving Quark behind and moving to InDesign by Adobe for
print production, where a large spectrum of tools which are central
to print production are "on-board" the product. Whereas, with Quark
to get certain things done you had to pay "big time"

(there was on imposition plug-in for Quark that cost $150,000.00!!!)

While those good souls producing the plug ins are marvelous people
some of the basic things they are charging are really just making up
for deficiencies in the Rev product. Of course, they need to make a living
too, but it puts new users of Revolution into the distasteful position
of buying a product which, by the very fact that these 3rd party plug-in
exist at all, then seems only 80% of a product, and
requires you to purchase the missing 20% from someone else.

I had to uninstall Galaxy they other day...
it was causing the whole IDE to slow down big time and several bugs
it had before just never go away.

So, I'm happy to see that you are not afraid to continue improving
the IDE. It's encouraging. I think I'll start sending some Enhancement
requests in to BugZilla for those particular features which I believe really
should be part of the core product.

This is somewhat different than, for example, Ken Ray's XML lib, which
truly a "different" product.  Or plug ins like Richard Gaskin's
"Form Maker"...

For example tabbed scripting (tabs for
each object script you have open) is a marvelous concept, but
you have to get it from a third party, and that plug in may be "broken"

By the way "smart props" plug-in is broken... the recent version.
I always like to use this to tranfer the "graphic" look and feel of one 
to another, without touching functionality... In fact there's an 
enhancement request
right there... How often does one finish a proto-type where code is 
nearly done and then
we start changing the graphic UI... i.e. I always wish I had some fast 
way to apply
all the "eye-candy" of an object (border, style, colors, size etc) 
while not touching
it's "functionality" layer (name, label, tooltip, custom props, script, 
traversal etc.  everything
you cannot see with the eye)

Btw way I also appreciate your continuing to give us the Enterprise 
edition at educational
rates. We really make zero money with Revolution, but it has become and 
important tool
In exchange for your generousity, we make sure the Rev Brand really gets 
full credit due
and I think you are may get some new users from the Indian community who are
impressed with Hinduism Today Digital Edition. Anyway, I'm a shameless 
Revolution advocate.

Best wishes from Hawaii


Kevin Miller wrote:
> On 22/9/06 23:52, "Bill Marriott" <wjm at> wrote:
>> Alright. Am I correct that the price of update packs has increased now?
> No, we have not changed any pricing at all (beyond giving away 3 months of
> free upgrades with a new license purchase instead of 1 month).
> Kind regards,
> Kevin
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