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Fri Sep 22 16:37:45 EDT 2006

Luis wrote:
> Ok, now I'm stuck...
> Having found EnhancedQT to bypass MIDI for the speaker control (panning) 
> I was hoping the beep command would sort me out on the pitch side of 
> things, but it looks like I'll have to go back to MIDI after all!
> Unless there's something else out there...

There are lots of people here using sound in all kinds of ways, so 
there's a good chance you can accomplish what you want. At first I 
thought you absolutely had to use MIDI, but now it sounds like you are 
just looking for ways to control audio output. How about giving us a 
detailed description of what you want to do, and then we can give you 
some ideas about how to do it? What type of stack are you trying to make?

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