Revolution 2.7.4 Released

Heather Nagey heather at
Fri Sep 22 16:21:03 EDT 2006

Dear List Members,

Version 2.7.4 of Revolution is now available for download here:

Or go to "check for updates" inside Revolution.

Improvements include

*Hover Icon - objects can now be highlighted when you move your mouse  
over them, improving the responsiveness of your interface.

*Proportional Resizing - Hold down shift and resize any object  
keeping the proportions exactly as you want them

*Multiline tooltips - allows better explanation of your interface

*Insert XML node - Now you can insert data into the middle of an XML  
document exactly where its needed

*Zip handling enhancements - you can now add a cancel button to your  
progress bar when zipping or unzipping items using the built in  
revzip feature.

*More tutorials - Two additional tutorial videos, Outside World and  
Layout Printing, and a U3 sampler are now available through

*Additionally there are over 40 other enhancements including;  
Improved zip file handling; Improved XML handling; IDE stability  
improvements; Display entire content of global arrays; improved  
debugging; Improved U3 support-new warning in standalone
builder to avoid silent failure.
2.7.4 brings the number of Revolution new releases since January to  
four, averaging around one every two months. This means that we are  
perhaps the most responsive development environment on the market,  
bringing you cutting edge technology as it happens - we were first  
with Mac Intel support, first with U3 bringing fast development to  
your flash drive, and since version 2.7 we have introduced over 180  
new features! It also means we can respond fast to customer requests  
for IDE improvements.

This means that customers who are taking advantage of our update pack  
policy are really reaping the benefits. If you got your update pack  
in January, you are realising by now what a smart move that was. To  
help more of our customers on board with our update program, we are  
introducing a new 3 month trial period of the update pack. When you  
buy a new license, we give you a great deal currently with the  
optional bundled update pack, discounting it by 50% over buying it a  
year later. Now, we're adding a 3 month free complimentary period as  
well. When you buy your first license, you'll get the first three  
months of your update pack free. You will then have the option to  
take up the remaining 9 months at the bundle price.

To introduce this new trial period, we are having an amnesty for  
purchasers of Revolution in the last 3 months, who didn't get the  
update pack at time of purchase. If you bought a new license after  
22nd July 2006, you will be able to unlock version 2.7.4 even if you  
didn't buy an update pack. Just use the code you received on purchase.

No, your license does not expire!

When your update pack is over, you can either renew it, or simply  
continue to use the last version you were able to unlock with it.  
Your latest copy of Revolution will not stop working.

Warm Regards


Heather Nagey
Customer Services Manager
Runtime Revolution Ltd

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