attaching "metadata" to a single character

Josh Mellicker josh at
Thu Sep 21 21:40:34 EDT 2006


Remind me to put sunglasses on before opening the next email with  
your name on it!

I tested:

This is a \ really cool solution!

<p>This is a <a name="Howdy!">\</a> really cool solution!</p>

Then, I cut and pasted some text in the field:

\ really cool solution! This is a

<p><a name="Howdy!">\</a> really cool solution! This is a</p>

The tags stayed "glued" around the character!

Even when I copied just the character by itself.

Now, as long as there is not a small limit on the length of "<a  
name=" tags I'm in business! (Now, to figure out how to set the tags...)

Thanks again Ken!

This could work... Since the character must be visible, the tags must  
be copied if the user copies and pastes within the field... but it  
seems like the tags would copy and paste with the text.

On Sep 21, 2006, at 2:23 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 9/21/06 12:37 PM, "Josh Mellicker" <josh at> wrote:
>> I might go the direction of experimenting with the htmlText of the
>> field, to see if I can put custom tags in without affecting the
>> display, and see if the tags care copied and pasted properly... but
>> I'm not sure what dangers might arise if I mess with the htmlText too
>> much.
> It turns out you can use the "<a name=''></a>" property in HTML  
> which sticks
> around and doesn't affect screen display.
> Consider:
> put "<p>This is a <a name=" & quote & "Howdy!" & quote & ">Test</ 
> a><p>" \
>    into temp
> set the htmlText of fld 1 to temp
> --> You see "This is a Test" in the field
> put the htmlText of fld 1
> --> You see:
> <p>This is <a name="Howdy!">Test</a></p>
> Will this do what you're looking for?
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