Loading a Standalone before Windows

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More than likely you're looking for a kernel hook.  This gives you the
ability to tell a kernel module your application wants to receive
notification about certain kernel api events.  Microsoft produces a special
sdk for developing these called the "Driver Developement Kit" or windows

Its part of an MSDN subscription or available at:



On 9/20/06, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:
> Derek Bump wrote:
> > I'm trying to get my standalone to load before Windows does.
> > Much like those Anti-programs that load before Windows starts
> > (like Norton AntiVirus and Lavasoft Ad-Aware).  Unfortunately,
> > the best I've been able to do is get my standalone to run
> > *after* Windows has started.  I can hide the desktop icons,
> > but the taskbar is still visible.
> Like most apps, Rev uses the Win API to do its thing, so Win must be
> loaded for the API to be available.
> Such a specialized need will require something deeper, perhaps talking
> directly to the BIOS. I'm no Windows expert -- maybe Chipp's engineer
> can chime in for guidance.
> If you don't mind my asking, what does your app do that it needs to run
> outside of Windows?
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