Unicode again

Pamela Kyle Crossley pkc at mac.com
Tue Sep 19 09:05:02 EDT 2006

Ocer the years a few of us have worked extensively with unicode and I  
think people tend to get better results (I do) in Rev when  
transferring the text as HTML.

In most cases I take the text of an input field and set the textFont  
of it to unicode (this will render UTF-16, as noted).

Then I put the htmlText of the same field somewhere else I want it to  

That text, when displayed as htmlText in subsequent fields, will  
render Unicode pretty consistently correct. I have used it for  
Chinese (both systems), Japanese, Korean and Russian.

It is true that Microsoft does a few things that look eccentric  
relating to Unicode, but mostly I think it is the usual carelessness  
and assumption that MS users don't have any sophisticated needs.   
Fortunately I don't have to mess with MS much, and my apps work well  
enough when built for MS users.  I figure they are all willing to put  
up with the defects, otherwise they would get real computers. So, if  
they're happy, so am I.

On Sep 19, 2006, at 8:29 AM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Viktoras,
> To enter unicode characters in a field directly, you have to change  
> the keyboard settings of your operating system.
> I didn't say you can set the itemDel to uniencode(tab). I said you  
> have to uniencode the itemDel, like:
> put uniencode(the itemDel) into myItemDel
> and then find the encoded string in your field, e.g. using the  
> offset function. Read the information about offset in the docs. You  
> might need to use a repeat loop to find the right item. Sorry, I  
> don't hav time to write an example script now.
> I don't know about a good introduction to unicode in Rev.
> Mark

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