Field modified function?

Josh Mellicker josh at
Mon Sep 18 16:11:53 EDT 2006

On Sep 17, 2006, at 6:49 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 9/17/06 8:36 PM, "Josh Mellicker" <josh at> wrote:
>> Wow... so "select empty" removes focus from all controls (forcing a
>> closeField if a text field had focus?)
> You got it!
>> Interesting... would not have thought of this in a million!
> Well, one of those things I ran into along the way...

Ken, this worked brilliantly!

I was using a "type tab" to tab out of the current field and force a  
closeField, but (as far as I could tell) it was leading to crashing  
the standalones and even crashing the whole IDE.

"select empty" on mouseDown works beautifully!

(I put it in the card script, not a frontscript... since my menus  
only have a MenuPick, and buttons only have mouseUp, no mouseDowns  
were being trapped)

I did find it in the docs under "select":

"Use the 'select empty' form to deselect all objects and text."

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