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Shari shari at
Sun Sep 17 23:33:05 EDT 2006

>First MAJOR culprit will be 'Parental Control'. Has the parent ticket the
>box to allow the user to run the program. If so, have they also ticket the
>box 'allow supporting files'. This last one came with X.4 and helped with
>quite a few games that would not run - because of access permission problems
>- for anyone other than the administrator.

I had not even considered this angle.  Most of my users are adults as 
far as I know.  As I don't have kids, Parental Control issues don't 
even enter my realm of knowledge.  Thank you for the heads up!

I asked my Windows fella if anything new had happened on Windows 
lately, and he said a new service pack came out recently that has 
played havoc.  Not sure if it would affect my game, but he said users 
are getting false alerts that they are using pirated copies of 
Windows, when they are not.  The new update apparently is designed to 
check for a pirated version of Windows.  I told him this should not 
affect my games, but we really don't know what else this service pack 
has changed.  I do not know if the problem computers have the new 
service pack installed.

But it is another possibility to consider.

I'm grasping for clues... as I've just had a rash of Windows folks 
with registration problems.  I've just re-uploaded an older version 
of the program they have.  Am hoping they are willing to try it so I 
can at least find out whether a code change I made broke it, or 
whether it is something in their system that I need to ferret out and 
recode around.

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