OT: (semi) Solving Issues On Windows

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Sat Sep 16 04:52:34 EDT 2006

Chipp Walters wrote:
> Sivikatirswami,
> You know, the problem may not be Windows, but Apple's implementation
> of Quicktime on PC's. 

Yes, this is definitely the area where the problem lies, to be sure.
But, simply to throw more gasoline on that debate doesn't
get us anything (right, I threw some on myself -- hehe)

Way OT: CSS in IE is a another Window's mine field, where IE
continues to fail to play up to standards, so do we blame
CSS for  it's "poor implementation of style sheets on PC's?"
And Safari is now, sadly for Mac fans, equally as bad...

oops that's more gasoline on the flames...

Agreed that Apple is also now launching plenty of half-baked stuff
... Safari and mail.app being two such, (I don't use either),
and QT for Windows may lie in that
semi-completed engineering, full-of-holes realm

But -- If 80  window's users say they have no problems, but 20 do,
then logically it has to be a difference in configuration between
the 80% that work and the 20% that do not work and not
in "implementation of QT on PCs". Or am I being  too simplistic.

So that's what I want to focus on...

Questions remain unanswered:
Are use of the free scans offered by RegCure and Pareto


a good way to go? In terms of a recommendation
to give to such Windows users? And are there other standard things
we can tell Windows  users to get themselves from  the place where
they are over to the place where the other 80% are where it work's?

Trevor... I'll try that "playrate" but... what's behind your thinking?
On that  one... I like to know the "why" if it can be known.



Chris has mentioned to me there is a very large
> memory leak in Safari that Apple has known about for a long time, but
> is reticent to fix (something about how Objective-C multi-threads yada
> yada). I wouldn't blame MS for a problem with Quicktime.
> -Chipp
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