Field modified function?

Josh Mellicker josh at
Sat Sep 16 02:38:35 EDT 2006

On May 8, 2006, at 12:26 AM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> When you exit the field i.e. you click somewhere else, or tab into a
> new field, the field gets a closeField message if the data has changed
> and an exitField message of there was no change.

On OS X, unfortunately, the closeField message is not sent when  
another control (such as a button) is clicked.

The docs state, somewhat misleadingly,

"If the lookAndFeel property is set to "Macintosh", the closeField  
message is generally not sent when another control (such as a button)  
is clicked. This is because clicked buttons do not receive the focus  
on Mac OS systems, and therefore the selection remains active."

This seems to indicate changing the lookAndFeel property changes the  
behavior of closeField, which is not true! (On OS X, anyway)

Regardless of the lookAndFeel setting, in OS X, if you change the  
text in an editable field, then immediately click on a popup menu or  
button, closeField is not sent, because the text field doesn't lose  
focus, and the cursor is actually still in the text field, you can  
still type even after clicking around quite a bit.

This is unfortunate, forcing workarounds to check if the field  
contents have changed manually...

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