Preference menu in Danish

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Sep 14 07:57:45 EDT 2006

Hi All,

I have an app which I am converting to Danish, so far just OS X,
although I may extend the trranslation to Windows later. My translator
has supplied the text and I have entered it all, including Danish
words for Quit, Preferences, Help & About in the menus.

The Help & About menu items get translated and work perfectly.

I did recall something about adding an lproj folder, so I created an
empty folder in the Resources folder of the application bundle and
named it "Danish.lproj". This made all the application menu items
(Show, Show all, Hide, Services, Quit & Preferences) show up in
Danish, which is amazing.

The only thing left is that the Preferences item in the application
menu is disabled. The Preferences in the Edit menu is still there and

Does anyone know how I can get the usual OS X preferences item
behavior, where the Preferences item disappears from the bottom of the
Edit menu and is enabled in the application menu instead?


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