grabbing audio from web: stopped working for one tester

Curtis Ford cford at
Wed Sep 13 22:46:35 EDT 2006

I have a project that grabs audio from mp3's posted at a web site, 
usually playing just a portion of a sound file. It's worked great in my 
testing on OS X and Windows, but a tester using XP told me first that 
one word (it's a vocabulary project) wasn't coming through right; now, 
after a few days, no sound at all is coming through for him. He's tried 
on three computers, all XP, with the same problem.

I can't reproduce the problem on my OS X or XP machines. The audio at 
the web site is up and does play for him through a browser. I had him 
download the project again, as well as the text file that contains the 
pointers to the audio source, but still no luck.

Audio can be called up from various places in the project, so I have 
this in the stack script:

on figureSoundFile
   global gSoundFileName, gSoundFileStart, gSoundFileEnd, gMediaPath

   --is sound file in same folder with list, or on a web server?
   if char 1 to 4 of gSoundFileName is not "http" then
     set the fileName of player "Player" to gMediaPath & "/" & 
     set the fileName of player "Player" to gSoundFileName
   end if

   --play whole file, or just a portion? check for start & end times
   if the length of gSoundFileStart > 0 then  --if a start time is in 
the info..
     set the playSelection of player "player" to true
     set the startTime of player "player" to gSoundFileStart
     set the endTime of player "player" to gSoundFileEnd
   else --if no start time, just play the whole file
     set the playSelection of player "player" to false
   end if

end figureSoundFile

I'm not sure what to tell him at this point. Does anyone have ideas 
what could cause the audio to stop working?


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