XP Home vs. Pro vs. Embedded

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Wed Sep 13 21:09:12 EDT 2006

Well, if the program is "Sound Jukebox" or "AOL", and I know it's not
part of what I would typically use, then I delete it. If it's "NVidia
Drivers" or "Sony Video Shared Libary" (and I'm on a Sony machine),
then I'll keep it. If I don't know, I'll either keep it or Google it
to find out if it's really that important.

On 9/13/06, Richard Miller <wow at together.net> wrote:

> How does one know what can be deleted and what can't? You say you
> delete everything not related to control/performance/use, but how you
> do know what is what? Is there a program or web site out there that
> provides this information?

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