Auto enable Cut, Copy, Paste menu items

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Wed Sep 13 20:58:20 EDT 2006

Does Rev have an automated way to manage the Edit menu items Cut,  
Copy, and Paste?

For example, it only makes sense for Cut or Copy to be enabled if  
there is any text that is hilited. Another example, if there isn't  
anything in the clipboard then there is nothing to paste. Even if  
there is something on the clipboard there would have to be a match  
for where it would be pasted. For example, if there is text in the  
clipboard there would have to be an insertion point in a text field  
for the paste to make sense.

On a stack with lots of fields and cards it seems tedious to try to  
manage all of the situations.

I was hoping that this would be a common enough feature of every  
program that Rev could manage it for me but I don't see it described  

Bill Vlahos

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