XP Home vs. Pro vs. Embedded

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Wed Sep 13 16:33:34 EDT 2006

Thanks for the info (and to everyone else who has emailed on this so  

Question: how do you deal with all the various pieces of software  
that seem to be running on XP Home when one first gets it? Do you try  
to strip the system of extraneous components or just let it all be?


On Sep 13, 2006, at 4:04 PM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> On 9/13/06, Stephen Barncard <stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com> wrote:
>> This is the thing about Windows that I never could understand.
>> Can you imagine how users would revolt if Apple came out with 'Mac OS
>> Tiger Lite"?
> I can't imagine Mac users ever revolting. Especially seeing where they
> have to pay for a new 'cat' OS with minimal new features every 12-18
> months without as much as a sigh. I guarantee Windows users would NOT
> put up with that. Hell, they have a hard time stomaching a Vista
> release, which will be coming out 4+ years after XP.
> And 'YES', Mac uses need to upgrade to stay abreast of the latest
> fixes in browsers, email clients, UNIX libraries, etc.. I think we now
> have 3 different altBrowsers which run on different versions of Mac
> OS'es, mostly because previous OS'es aren't patched correctly.
> Microsoft knows they can charge Enterprise more $$$ than individual
> users, and that's why there's an XP Pro vs Home. Originally, there
> were some significant differences, like Pro was supposed to only have
> multiple monitor support, but after the MS users complained during XP
> beta, they ratcheted down the feature differences significantly.
> Unless you really need multiple workgroup domains or Desktop Remote
> Access, (available in free 3rd party tools), you only need Home.
> -Chipp
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