XP Home vs. Pro vs. Embedded

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Wed Sep 13 15:55:43 EDT 2006

You mention the computer is a laptop. Have you set it up so the HD is never 
allowed to spin down into a 'sleep' state? If not, that will almost certainly 
cause a problem at some point.

However if HD spin-down occurs, from within Rev (at least on XP Pro / Rev 2.6.1) 
you can 'get the detailed files' to make the HD start spinning again.

Phil Davis

Richard Miller wrote:
> Yes, I've seen that page. The question is, what effect would any of that 
> have on a fairly complex Rev application running around the clock?
> Richard Miller
> On Sep 13, 2006, at 2:13 PM, Phil Davis wrote:
>> I just Googled 'xp home pro differences' and got a truckload of 
>> results. Here's a page on the MS site that describes the differences:
>>   http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/home/howtobuy/choosing2.mspx
>> HTH -
>> Phil Davis
>> Ian Wood wrote:
>>> As far as I know it's mostly advanced networking options like 
>>> workgroups and remote desktop stuff.
>>> Ian
>>> On 13 Sep 2006, at 17:02, Stephen Barncard wrote:
>>>> What is taken out of XP Home that is in the 'professional' versions?

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