runrev player, stackrunner in windows xp home

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Sep 10 22:35:49 EDT 2006

Recently, rand valentine wrote:

>  Hi. Are there any documented limitations of the Revolution Player or
> StackRunner not running in certain versions of Windows? I have a student who
> is running Windows XP Home on a Sony Vaio, and who tells me he cannot run my
> stacks through either the player or stackrunner -- the problem involves
> playing audiofiles (mp3's) that are saved in a separate folder, and opening
> pdf's that are to be "launched" from within my stack.

It's possible you may be running into the path-format/long-file-name issue.
See this thread for 2 possible workarounds:

Supposedly 2.7.3 addresses these problems but I haven't tested this myself.


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