Is it possible to set just one word of a text to bold ?

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Sun Sep 10 16:54:30 EDT 2006

On 9/10/06 3:20 PM, "jbv" <jbv.silences at> wrote:

> William,
> Here's a suggestion that is worth trying :
> get wordoffset("Taal",tData)
> put "<B>Taal</B>" into word it of tData
> set the htmlText of fld 1 to tData

An alternative (without HTML) is :

get wordoffset("Taal",tData)
set the textStyle of word it to bold

>> The next action is that the user copies the entire text (with the bold
>> word "Taal") into another field. I guess it will lose the bold word
>> "Taal" then. This needs to work too!

No, you can say:

  set the htmlText of fld 2 to the htmlText of fld 1

This will carry over an exact copy of fld 2 into fld 1


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