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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Sep 8 13:18:03 EDT 2006

Mark Wieder wrote:

>> function striptags tHtml
>>    replace cr with empty in tHtml -- in case of multi-line tags
>>    replace "<" with cr & "<" in tHtml
>>    replace ">" with ">" & cr in tHtml
>>    filter tHtml without "*<*"
>>    filter tHtml without "*>*"
>>    return tHtml
>> end striptags
> Clever... but it'll fail on
> if xyz > 4096 then
> maybe replace the two filter lines with
>    filter tHtml without "<*>"

This is a very interesting topic.

Being a lazy person, historically I've let the engine do the work by 
setting the htmlText of a field and then getting that field's text.

But given the overhead of field access, that might not benchmark as well 
as doing it in a variable as described here.

Are there any downsides to this approach?  For example, how does it 
account for "<" and ">" which may appear in quoted strings or comments?

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