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Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 16:59:04 EDT 2006

I guess this proves that reasonable people can disagree. Or maybe it's just
my gray-haired conservatism. I love Wikis for collaboration, but as places
for people to share thougths and ideas, they suck unless used by pretty
savvy folks and maintained by even more savvy ones. My $0.06 (inflation, you

On 9/6/06, Sivakatirswami <katir at hindu.org> wrote:
> Agree: wiki better than forums for where we are now
> why?
> 1) more integrated and yet at the same time
> 2) more flexible.
> 3) could generate a huge dynamic for collaborative
> "open source" projects built on a Rev backbone in a way
> that is not possible either via mailing lists or forums.
> But we keep the mailing list! Until such time as the wiki
> proved it to be no longer required to meet the "user requirements"
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