Another Rev to the Rescue

SimPLsol at SimPLsol at
Wed Sep 6 10:52:03 EDT 2006

Another success story:
One of our customers recently had a corrupted stack in our old 
HyperCard-based business system. It was a "5454" error in his orders archive stack. He had 
over six thousand records (10 meg.) and "thought" it was being backed up 
properly. All gone.
Historically we've had about one 5454 error per year - with over a thousand 
users. In the last 18 years we've been able to save all but two of them. Not 
this one! 
Over a three week period I tried every tool in my kit at least twice and 
nothing worked.
Then I tried to open the corrupted stack with Rev. It worked. We could 
salvage all of the data!
I consider this even more remarkable because the original HC stack must have 
been extremely NOT compacted.

Paul Looney

PS This customer was using one of our older systems (circa 1998). Since then 
we've found that 5454 errors are caused (at least one cause) by operations on 
null sets - so we now trap for them. There have only been two of these errors 
reported since we installed the traps (about six years ago).

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