ANN: AudioWaveform update

Mark Smith mark at
Mon Sep 4 07:48:06 EDT 2006

I've updated my AudioWaveform control. The new version is  
"MinAudioWaveform 1.0", and I've taken out the player, zoom and  
scroll functions, so it's a bit smaller and simpler. I've also (I  
hope) finally dealt with the peculiarities of AIF files and squashed  
some big/little-endian bugs which mainly affected AIFs on Intel  
machines. I've been able to speed up the drawing also, though this  
will mainly be noticeable with longer files.

RevOnline won't let me upload it (I think my user space may be  
corrupted), so it's available from:

The version with player and zooming and so-on will be updated RSN.



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