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Mon Sep 4 05:47:54 EDT 2006


One angle(s) on forums is:  scale and user usage needs levels.

Scale: I don't know how many of you are members of Expert's Exchange, 
(EE) but with 3 Million + members, the idea of getting a mailing digests 
from EE with daily posts by all members is clearly insane. A forum is
the only option.

Same with Apple or  Adobe. I once joined  an Apache mailing list and was 
so overwhelmed with
posts on the list that I had to ask my question, got  an answer and 
unsubscribe asap!
Wished it was a forum....now I don't use that list at all, I ask apache 
questions at EE...
for this very reason.

We're not there yet with Rev (scale wise) but maybe soon... so the 
framework is in place.

Usage needs: I uses a great tool called "MPEG2 Works 4" for drag and 
drop processing of  muxed video and export to QT. But I really don't 
what to be on a mailing  list  of  video nerds: my needs and interest 
are very narrow. Serbian's forum for MPEG2 Works 4 is perfect, I need 
help, ask a question, set "watch this one" get an answer, I'm notified 
by email that my question is answered... with a clickable  link back to 
the forum, to my thread.


Dom wrote:
> Sarah Reichelt <sarah.reichelt at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I realise that was meant as a joke, but seriously, what ARE the
>> benfits of membership?
> to gain access to the forums ;-)
> otherwise you are limited to the home page...
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Om shanti
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