[Mostly OT] Tate Talks About Language-Adoption Risks

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Sat Sep 2 16:02:24 EDT 2006

There's a very interesting part in Bruce tate's article : it's the one
about how Java made its way among developers :

"Java needed a catalyst. With the exploding Internet, applets embedded
into NetScape provided a compelling reason for C developers to take a
look at Java. The C++ like syntax simplified the transition. Java was able
to quickly grab a massive community, and a Microsoft backlash escalated
the transition."

I've always thought that, in order to extend its audience, Revolution
could benefit in being somehow integrated (as a language option) into a
popular browser...
Perhaps the release of Firefox could have been a good opportunity, I
actually don't know...
But if the "C++ like syntax (of Java) simplified the transition", I'm sure
that the natural language aspect of Revolution would pleased wannabe
programers who get pissed off by the non-natural syntax of js and php...

May be am I making a complete mistake, and may be there isn't any way
to bridge the gap between Firefox as an open-source project and Rev as
a commercial product... but somehow I keep feeling that integration of a
Transcript kernel into a browser is an option to consider...


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