keyboard maps (was foreign language in script editor)

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Sat Sep 2 13:54:53 EDT 2006

Hi again

Thanks to those who had suggestions on the foreign language in the  
script editor problem a few dyas ago.

Problem solved, and the same suggestions helped me solve a similar  
problem with Russian text in custom properties (I had to convert the  
custom props to a hidden field in this case.)

Now a (hopefully) final question along these lines.  I seem to  
remember seeing this before, but I'll be darned if I can find it in  
the archives, so here goes;

When you have fields in different languages with different keyboard  
maps on a card, is it possible to have the keyboard map switch to the  
correct one when you click in a field?  This is driving me nuts!  And  
in both directions!  When I am in one field and then click in one  
that needs a different keyboard map, the keyboard map does not  
change.  On the other hand, sometimes when the keyboard map is set to  
the one I want and click in another field which needs the same map,  
my keyboard map switches to the wrong one!!!!!  When I want the map  
to change it doesn't, when it shouldn't change it does!  I am out of  
ideas on this one and would appreciate some help.



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