Standalone OS X Apps in 2.7.3 - Default Button Broken

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Fri Sep 1 02:46:35 EDT 2006

Thanks, Sarah. Now if I can just remember to add that script to the stack
scripts of all my apps.

Too soon old, too late smart.


On 8/31/06, Sarah Reichelt <sarah.reichelt at> wrote:
> On 9/1/06, Dan Shafer <revolutionary.dan at> wrote:
> > I'm probably not searching by the right set of criteria, so there may be
> a
> > BZ on this but I wanted to confirm this is a known issue.
> >
> > If I create a standalone app for OS X using 2.7.3, the default button
> comes
> > out looking like the old Classic (OS9) default button rather than the
> new
> > throbbing blue one. Not to say I wouldn't actually *prefer* the older
> > button, but it's clearly wrong.
> >
> > Is this a known issue? Any fix or workaround or am I forced once again
> back
> > to 2.6.1 because of stuff RR broke when moving to the 2.7 family?
> As Ken says, it is a known issue with the plugins folder not being
> copied over. In fairness to RunRev, I use 2 computers and this only
> happens on one of them, so I don't know what makes it fail.
> Anyway, I recently posted a script for OS X that you can use to
> automate the process yourself, and it has the extra benefit of using
> "touch" to make the custom icon appear in a newly created standalone.
> <>
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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