Copies of your app running on the local net

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Mon May 29 09:56:18 CDT 2006

Paul Claude wrote:

>Thanks Mark.
>>reply 1) Yes, you can broadcast a UDP request and make all copies on
>>the network send (part of) their serial number to compare them with
>>the serial number of the newly opened copy of your application.
>Did you know if exists some example stack around, to perform and answer to
>an UDP request?
There is a sample UDP client and server in revonline under username 
alextweedly - it's just a very simple echo server and echo client, but 
should be a start for you.

Beware the problem of Firewalls - the Win XP firewall on each Windows 
machine may drop all incoming UDP packets by default (I'm not sure, and 
not quite willing to risk setting my own "firewall settings" back to the 
default to see what it does :-) , so it's quite possible and/or quite 
easy for users to prevent different instances of your app from seeing 
each other with this scheme.

>>reply 2) Yes, you can use USER$ on some platforms, but not all. You
>>can also use MAC address, label of the hard disk, IP address and
>>other characteristics. However, I will never buy software that
>>requires me to provide information like this, because I know it will
>>be a hassle to install the software on a new machine. Besides, there
>>is a hack for each protection measure which makes it difficult to
>>decide how much to invest in protection.
>I thought that $USER should be valid because: 1) a license is valid, in
>effect, only for one user (think about a corporate with hundred of stations
>that buy a copy of your app). 2) For a single user with 2 computers, in most
>of the cases he will have the same account user name on both,
I wish I were that organized :-).
I think I have at least 5 different user names on the computers in my house.

Alex Tweedly

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