Directory Walker Conundrum

Sivakatirswami katir at
Sun May 28 18:07:26 EDT 2006

I'm using an old Ken Ray stand by for directory walks.  I discovered  
a "bug" here where, if the folder name begins with a space, it is  
skipped. I cannot for the life of me figure out why...

on directoryWalk whatFolder
   set the itemDel to "/"
   set the directory to whatFolder
   put the files into  tFiles
   put the files into temp
   add the number of lines of temp to tCount
   sort temp
   repeat for each line x in temp
     put whatFolder & "/" & x & cr after gHierList
   end repeat
   put the folders into tDirList
   sort tDirList
   delete line 1 of tDirList
   repeat for each line x in tDirList
     if x = ".."  then next repeat
     directoryWalk (whatFolder & "/" & x)
   end repeat
end directoryWalk

Folders  like " Proofed and Ready for Output"

will be skipped, files in those folders are not returned to  
gHierList  If I just remove the space in the folder name, then it is  
included in the dig.

Since the habit of putting spaces in front of folder names to force  
them to top seems to be a nearly "incurable" syndrome,  (much to our  
netSysAdmin's consternation...who says he can live with "*" at the  
beginning of files but not spaces...) I need to figure out how to  
include them in the dig.

Any ideas? I suppose I can turn on Variable watcher and do a lot of  
testing to see exactly where the folder name is getting dropped, but  
maybe someone has already faced-solved this one.


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