dragData["files"] problem

Garrett Hylltun garrett at paraboliclogic.com
Thu May 25 19:53:58 EDT 2006

Rev 2.6.1 / OS X


I've run into a bit of an odd thing that I can't figure out.  I have a 
file with the following path:

/Users/garrett/Desktop/My Music/Metal Rules/Alice In Chains - Man in the 

But when I drag and drop it on my app I get the following instead:

/Users/garrett/Desktop/My Music/Metal Rules/Alice In Chains - Man#88B1F.mp3

Is there a character length limit on incoming file names for the 

Here's the code I am using:

on dragEnter
   set the acceptDrop to true
end dragEnter

on dragDrop
   if the dragData = empty then
     exit dragDrop
     put dragData["files"] into varDroppedFile
     --answer varDroppedFile
     put number of lines of varDroppedFile into varFileCount
     if varFileCount > 1 then
       put the first line of varDroppedFile into varDroppedFile
     end if
     set the itemdel to "."
     put the last item of varDroppedFile into varFileExt
     if varFileExt is "aif" or varFileExt is "m4a" or varFileExt is 
"mp3" or varFileExt is "wav" then
       subNewFileToPlay varDroppedFile
     end if
   end if
end dragDrop


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