Basic UI idiosyncrasies (bugs?) with 2.7.1 Win version

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Fri May 19 08:17:19 CDT 2006

Hi Bob,

I have the same thing happening here but since I have a lot of other  
Win apps that also act this way I did not consider it a bug.


On May 19, 2006, at 4:14 AM, Bob Earp wrote:

> Greetings from a very warm and sunny west coast, normally referred  
> to by people not living here as the "wet" coast
> I just had a chance to compare Mac vs. Win versions of 2.7.1 (side  
> by each) and a number of basic UI idiosyncrasies (bugs?) really  
> highlighted themselves on the Win side of things, and I was  
> wondering if this is new to v2.7.1 or just new observations for  
> me.  The most frustrating one is not being able to get the whole of  
> the Rev UI and the opened stacks to be the topmost windows (with  
> other Win apps open), when clicking on any of the Rev UI windows or  
> an open stack window.
> For example, if I have a stack open with the message box open (and  
> no other Win app running) I will see the basic Revolution interface  
> bar, the Tools palette, the Message Box window, and the stack  
> window.  If I now open, say, Win Explorer it opens on the top of  
> everything (correct/expected behaviour), but normal Windows  
> behaviour then means I should be able to click on any visible part  
> of the stack, or the Rev UI (Tools palette, Message Box, etc.) and  
> everything to do with the Rev UI including the open stack windows  
> should all come to the front.  However, only the window you click  
> on comes to the front, except in the case of clicking on the main  
> Rev interface bar and then just some of the Rev components (not  
> all !!) come to the front.  I say "not all" as I know the  
> Documentation doesn't, but I haven't had time to try every  
> component !!
> I guess this is because Rev does not bind all of its components  
> (and any open stack windows) together, as is standard Windows  
> practice with other apps.
> I can't find anything on Bugzilla which is strange as I'm sure this  
> sort of behaviour has existed for some time.  Am I missing a pref  
> or something, or is this really just life with Rev running in  
> Windows ?
> Thanks, Bob...
> PS. setting the Backdrop to true does not help !!
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