Use an iPod as a USB drive ?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed May 10 10:09:05 CDT 2006

Marian Petrides wrote:

> Uh, Alex, the info is actually right there on the website and  
> (mirabile dictu!) right there in the manual--which Mac users are, of  
> course, notorious unlikely to do.
> The following is a direct quote from the iPod Nano user's manual (aka  
> Features Guide) which I found on Apple's support website under the  
> Manuals tab.
Thanks Marian - I didn't think to look in the Support section, I only 
checked the iPod section and the Apple Store. (The "Tech Specs" in the 
Store did hint that you could - but it was a hint rather than a clear 
statement (in view of the comments seen in reviews).

> Using iPod nano as an External Disk
> You can use iPod nano as an external disk to store and download data  
> files.
> Note:  To download music and other audio files to iPod nano, you must  
> use iTunes. For
> example, you won’t see songs you download with iTunes in the  
> Macintosh Finder or in
> Windows Explorer. Likewise, if you copy music files to iPod nano in  
> the Macintosh
> Finder or Windows Explorer, you won’t be able to play them on iPod nano.

Ahhh - that explains the comment I had seen elsewhere - you can copy 
files to an iPod being used as an external disk, but can't then play 
them as tunes. How strange, and annoying.


Alex Tweedly

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