How to maintain window layers on Mac?

Peter T. Evensen pevensen at
Tue Jul 25 17:17:03 EDT 2006

Well, in this case something else seems to be happening.   There is no go 
to the name stack.  For some odd reason the new stack is winding up behind 
it.  I even tried putting a "go to me" in the openStack handler, and that 
didn't seem to do anything.

I can't hide the background stack or move it off screen because it is 
displaying the student's name and needs to be visible in the background.

It always seemed like there should be some way to get the layer of a stack 
and a way to force a stack to the front.

At 03:52 PM 7/25/2006, you wrote:
>On 7/26/06, Peter T. Evensen <pevensen at> wrote:
>>Is there any way to force a window to be in the background?  The reason I
>>ask is I have a window that should stay in the background that shows the
>>name of the student who is logged in. On one application, this "background"
>>stack appears in front of the main stack, even though I go to the main
>>stack after I open the name stack.
>>Is there anyway to force a stack to the front?
>Peter, "go to" should bring a stack to the front, so if that doesn't
>work, it sounds like there might be another "go to" somewhere in your
>scripts that is bringing another stack to the front.
>One easy way to make sure a stack does NOT come to the front is to
>hide it or move it off-screen.

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