Without Waiting

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Tue Jul 25 01:07:50 EDT 2006

Hi Bridger,

The basic answer is no. Rev doesn't support multi-threading.

However, you can use different 'wait' options in a long-running handler that 
will let you successfully interact with the UI, for example. You can also break 
a long-running handler up into smaller parts that get started by a 'send... in 0 
seconds' or whatever time you want. That gives you the same interactivity 
support as the 'wait' option.

Phil Davis

Bridger Maxwell wrote:
> Hey,
>  Is it possible to have two handlers, and to call the second handler from
> within the first handler, and have the first handler keep executing without
> waiting for the second handler to finish?
> Example:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> on Handler1
>   Handler2  ---Call this handler, but don't wait for it to finish before
> beeping
>   beep
> end Handler1
> on Handler2
>   doSomeStuffThatTakesALongTime
> end Handler2
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Thank You
>   Bridger

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