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Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at ekoinf.net
Mon Jul 24 18:22:46 EDT 2006

 Hi Aljandro,
I once had a simmilar idea. Planned to work on this some time in the future.
But as far as now I am overloaded with other jobs, I see no reason why not
to share this with public, maybe someone could use it for good ;-)
Currently e-mail is just an e-mail, you got a mailbox, and you got a mail
reader, that's it... And as a side effect of this "model" you receive lots
of spam each day. The idea was to develop different smtp based services
integrated with different purposes mailboxes serve today. That would
eliminate some portion of the spam that reach our sights.
Software idea No 1. listserv reader.
 Central server maintains mailing lists database by topics, server location,
listserv type, where send messages to, where send subscribe/unsubscribe
requests to, etc. Listserv reader uses the database to search for active
lists by topics or keywords, subscribe or unsubscribe by simply selecting
from a list and clicking a button. It automatically confirms subscription to
a listserv if it was used to send a subscribe request. Upon subscription, it
creates an index of all threads stored in the listserv database by topic, so
that finding the right discussion that took place years ago is just a matter
of point-and-click. So you are not forced to go to "their" archives using
internet browsers. It reads only messages received from listservs it was
used to subscribe to. Everything else gets simply ignored, this means - no
spam! Well, maybe a preferred option in this case would be creating a
separate mailbox for this purpose in order to ensure that all messages go to
the listserv reader, and not to Outlook or whatever ordinary mailing soft
instead. Plus adding more options to ensure comfortable discussions - like
all messages sent as text only, so you don't have send them twice as you are
forced to do now if you forget to turn text-only mode on. Option to read
digest messages as if they were distinct (by topics) and reply to the right
thread (not Re: digest) automatically, etc...
Software idea No 2. Integration of personal organizer with a mailbox to
subscribe and accept reminders from institutions or people so you do not
forget to pay your taxes in time :-), or not to miss a meeting with somebody
(so ask him to send a reminder). Maybe it could be an enhanced Dan's
ToDoPlus piece of software with added ability to subscribe to, send and
receive reminders using smtp.
Just my 2 cents...
Best wishes
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From: Alejandro Tejada 
Date: 07/24/06 23:55:12 
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Subject: Looking for Offline mail list reader 
Hi all, 
Lately i've been working in an offline 
mail list digest reader. 
This piece of software works minimally, 
but provides a convenient way to read 
mail threads and search for single words 
in the text of all messages since 2001. 
Before i commit more time to enhance this 
Had one of you made a similar stack, 
to browse and search mail digest? 
Thanks in advance. 
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