xTalk Legal Status (was: [ANN] www.krugle.com --- xtalk not a real language)

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 14:11:11 EDT 2006

IIRC, HyperTalk syntax was not copyrighted. I have a vague recollection of
asking Bill A that question at one point and I think that was his answer.
There are no copyright notices anywhere that pertain to xTalk syntax that
I've been able to find. I know the guys at Spinnaker (and their successor,
Format Software GmbH) did not pay Apple or anyone else royalties for use of
the language syntax. Doesn't mean Apple couldn't have asked or required it,

On 7/22/06, Bill Marriott <wjm at wjm.org> wrote:
> Honest question:
> Can anyone say what the legal status of our favorite language is?
> HyperTalk was released by Apple, then there were a bunch of "clones" --
> are
> the keywords, structures, syntax, etc., protected by patent and/or
> copyright? Does Revolution pay a royalty to Apple? Can anyone make a
> compiler/interpreter that speaks HyperTalk and/or TranScript and/or
> Revolution?
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